I-35 church of Christ

4343 South I-35W Alvarado, TX
" Stand in the ways and see, And ask for the old paths, where the good way is, And walk in it; "
Jeremiah 6:16

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10 Scripture to Start the Day  Audio
The Great Physician  Audio
Did You Receive The Holy Spirit When You Believed?  Audio
3 Views of Authority  Audio
 When The Truth Seems Cruel  Audio
Gospel/Doctrine Distinction  Audio
Men With A Nature Like Ours  Audio
Is Religion Bad?  Audio
Expect The Unexpected  Audio
The Deity of Christ  Audio
Go To The Ant  Audio
Spiritual Growth  Audio
Draw Near To God  Audio
The Strong Church  Audio
Pitching Tents Toward Sodom  Audio
In Pharaoh's Steps  Audio
The Great Commission  Audio
Three Unprofitable Words  Audio
Rethinking Church  Audio
6 Days?  Audio
Who Is My Neighbor?  Audio
Believe In God  Audio
Mental Holiness  Audio
Wake Up Audio
The Parable of the 10 Virgins  Audio
Why Be A Christian?  Audio
Against OSAS  Audio
Smooth Words and Flattering Speeches  Audio
Biblical Faith  Audio
Creating Curiosity  Audio
The Gospel of Peace  Audio
Why Some People Aren't Saved  Audio
Why God Says No  Audio
Do Facts Change Lives?  Audio
The Resurrection of Jesus  Audio
1 Peter 3:15  Audio
Ashamed of My Words  Audio
Our Case On Judgment Day  Audio
Forgiveness  Audio
Jesus Was A Bible Thumper  Audio
Some Things God Is Not  Audio
Lord, Teach Us To Pray  Audio
Self-control  Audio
Imprecatory Prayers  Audio
Sins on Facebook  Audio
God's Questions for Adam and Eve  Audio
Are You A Double-minded Man?  Audio
What's Wrong With Youth Ministry  Audio
The Biblical View of Women  Audio
What About The Man Who Never Hears?  Audio
Not Church of Christ Christians  Audio
Arguments Against Baptism  Audio
The Wiles of the Devil  Part 1, Part 2
10 Things We Know  Audio
 What Was Jesus Like?  Audio
Benefits of Bible Reading  Audio
Then Comes The End  Audio
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